Faith Like Potatoes

It’s long time since my last movie review..In the last days, i always watch a movie..just one movie, i watch it every day. Faith Like Potatoes..My friend tell me about this movie..So i find it in internet and downloaded it.
Faith Like Potatoes is based on true story about Angus Buchan and his family. Buchan is a farmer, who lives in africa. He is a scotland and of course he is a white:). This movie tell about buchan journey to meet and believe in GOD.
I watch this movie every day because i found something that make me stronger in faith to GOD, to Jesus. Angus Buchan not a holly or religious person, he just a ordinary headbutted scotich farmer. But every thing be changed since he accepted Jesus.
Some quotes that i remember from the movie, this quotes inspired me in faith..
” The condition for a miracle is difficulty, but for a great miracle, it’s impossibility ”
” What things so ever you desire, when you pray believe that you shall receive them and you shall have them”
” No matter what you’re facing, God can turn your situation around like that.”
” i decide to put my hope in God, i decided to trust Him. i decided to trust God completely.”
” if God can pick up a crop of broken maize, how much more can He not pick up your precious broken heart?your broken life?when God’s creation is broken, He’s more than able to fix it. So come on, what about you? Let God pick up your broken life today.”
” Your faith in God must be like that. it must be real. you can feel it. you can smell it. Your faith, it’s got to be like…it’s got to be like potatoes. ”
One thing that i’ve learned from this movie is when u trust in God, there is no space for a doubt. It means, u still go forward even u can’t see a path a head..
Just Trust in GOD, trust Him completely


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